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Development Team Founded 1991

The longest running team in the Century Road Club Association, we race throughout the Hudson Valley and the Northeast US. We are a 501c3 nonprofit.
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Bicycle Habitat was founded in New York City in 1978. We have expanded into several storefronts in Chelsea, Prospect Heights, and Park Slope, Brooklyn. Through all these years, our mission stays the same: More people on bikes, more often. We believe all of us on bikes is better for health, for the city, for the environment - and for quality of life.

We are a full-service bike repair shop. From fixing a flat tire to packing a bike to a comprehensive tune-up, we can have you road-ready in no time. 


We own our production facility, develop our products in-house, test everything personally and have the world's best production team for producing custom sportswear. We use new technology when it improves our products but stick to old school, handmade techniques when that gets the job done better. We focus on details without losing sight of the big picture; which for us is delivering the perfect custom garment on time and beyond your expectations. We’ve been producing custom clothing for over 20 years, and our experience is evident in everything that we do.

Verge Sport has the solutions you need to make placing and managing your teams order easy. We’re happy to open a Team Store at no additional cost to you or your members; they can then order directly with us, so the burden is not on you to compile the details on your own. We can individually sort the orders and even direct ship them to your team members. We have an Always Open team store option were your new, and existing members can log on and place an order, for on-demand production.

Spinergy, Inc. is committed to offering a great wheel that will change your life day in and day out. We take customer service to a personal level, improving our products based on users’ hands-on experience with our products. Day to day, our team takes input from our loyal customers and employs it into action.
In 1990, Spinergy launched into the market manufacturing the Rev X bicycle wheel, now a retired classic. Over the years, we have continued to develop high performance bike wheels for both road and off-road purposes. Today, our patented PBO spokes are the key to why Spinergy wheels are tough as nails and ultralight.
Every PBO spoke contains over 30,000 strands of polyphenylene bensobisoxazole fiber, delivering 3-times the strength of stainless steel at just half the weight.
Spinergy is also a pioneer in developing revolutionary wheels in the world of wheelchair sports, as well as for everyday use. Now wheelchair users can experience the same quality and performance as anyone else. Our wheelchair wheel division is committed to improving the daily lives and athletic performance of those that depend on their wheels.
Recently, we expanded our wheelchair division by manufacturing a revolutionary, FDA-approved mobility device, the ZX-1 Power Add-On. The ZX-1 is a durable, compact power accessory for manual chairs that allows users to instantly and independently attach to it for optional use in a variety of settings.

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We are men and women.
Teenagers, young parents, and masters,
we all race and train together as a team
of 30 bike racers. We have day jobs,
ranging from engineers and professors,
to students, artists, contractors and
mechanics. Beneath, we are motivated
All of us believe that cycling is a way
to improve lives. Our team is devoted
to sharing our experience and love for
cycling with the community in NYC and
across the Northeast.

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